RC Servo Magnetic Encoder Large Angle 40kg.cm Aluminium Robot

RC Servo Magnetic Encoder Large Angle 40kg.cm Aluminium Robot




Product Description

Feetech 12V 485 Magnetic Encoder Large Angle 40kg.cm Aluminium Robot RC Servo SM40BL Coded Serial Control BUS Servo
Big Torque:40Kg. cm
Large Angle:+_30 thousand turns(Arbitrary absolute relative)
DC 6.5V~13V power supply
0.088 degree Position resolution
Dual output shaft,fit for robot joint
High precision all metal gear set,Double ball bearing
Full Aluminium alloyCNC case,Good cooling effect
Position servo control mode ,rotation range 0-360°and many turns Arbitrary absolute relative angle.
In the speed control mode ,can be continuous rotation,adjust speed
Duplex asynchronous T T L / 4 8 5 Communication level
Daisy chain connection, 254 ID can choose
High reach 1M Baud rate
333Hz servo update rate
Can give feedback on position,temperature,voltage,speed and current load
Use open FT SCS Serial asynchronous communication protocol
Product Details
SM40BL It has the advantages of large angle absolute angle and controllable relative angle,According to the application of the robot, the structure is optimized.
Its ideal application field is:
Small humanoid robot
Small joint robot
Small Bionic robot
Robot wheel,Track drive
Industrial automation requiring simple position control
SM40BL robot servo adopts advanced servo control technology and 32 bit high speed ARM microprocessor, fast response, accurate positioning without jitter. Compared to the traditional RC servo 50Hz control frequency, the SM40BL series robot servo through the control frequency of up to 333Hz, to ensure the accuracy of position control and maintain the stability of the moment. The SM40BL robot servo uses 12 bits high precision magnetic encoder to measure the position, the servo output shaft may rotate continuously for a whole week, the movement torque output is as high as 45kgf.cm.
SM40BL has serial bus interface, the 254 robot servo can form a chain through the bus. Each servo can be set with different node addresses, multiple servo wheels can be unified motion can also be a single independent control.
The communication instruction set of SM40BL is completely open, and the servo communicates with the host computer through the asynchronous serial interface. The SM40BL can be set to either the motor mode or the position control mode by sending commands through the asynchronous serial interface.
In motor mode, SM40BL can be used as DC motor, speed adjustable; in position control mode, 0-360 degrees and multi circle arbitrary absolute and relative angle can be controlled within this range with accurate position control performance, speed control.
SM40BL robot servo and the founder of the multi - directional installation, user-friendly flexible model.
RC Servo Magnetic Encoder Large Angle 40kg.cm Aluminium Robot
RC Servo Magnetic Encoder Large Angle 40kg.cm Aluminium Robot


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