Red Amass AS150 7mm Gold-plating Anti Spark Connector

Red Amass AS150 7mm Gold-plating Anti Spark Connector




Product Description

AS150 sparking plugs for high-voltage battery, has a unique anti-ignition / anti-anti-plug design and resistance to high current performance. Low impedance with large size 7mm gold plated banana plugs. And the male plug embedded resistor to prevent sparks. With a light overall weight, small size, plug feel good.
Product Details
Red male end (with resistor) + black male end (no resistor) = connect electronic governor using TL2912 (male banana head, thick jacket) Red female end (no resistor) + black female end (no resistor) = connected battery TL2913 (female banana head, thin jacket)
Note: first plug the black line, and then insert the red line. Red line male resistance end contact with the female, the plug should be inserted in the end, do not rely on the front contact with the mother after the production of time too much current. So easy to burn the internal resistance of the male. AS150 resistance design is just for the beginning of the time to insert the spark disinfection.
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