MegaPi Master Control Board servo & steper motor

MegaPi Master Control Board servo & steper motor




Product Description

MegaPi is a main control board based on ATmega2560 chip. Through the good packaging of the driver interface, it can quickly and simply drive the coding motor, DC motor, stepper motor. Strong driving ability is shown at the same time can drive 4 coding motor (or 4 stepper motor or 8 DC motor) and 10 steering gear, can be connected to a variety of sensors. It has the largest DC12V, 10A current output capability. MegaPi also supports for Arduino IDE and graphical programming.What is more, it can also be combined with raspberry pi perfect, the raspberry pi user can use the Python can achieve the control of various electrical and electronic modules.Strong motion control ability and the development make the MegaPi can be applied to 3D printers, CNC and robots, and other applications of the scene.
10 rudder interface, can drive 10 steering gear.
4 motor drive interface, can be convenient to insert the coding motor drive module, stepper motor drive module, so as to achieve the drive DC motor, the coding motor, stepper motor .
1 wireless communication module interface, can be convenient to insert the Bluetooth module, 2.4G module, etc..
2 high power MOS tube drive ports, which can control the the device that maximum current is 10A . Can output maximum DC5V 3A operating current. 1 raspberry pie transfer port (requires manual welding),realization of 3.3V to 5V serial communication.
USB-B type interface for downloading programs and communications. And use CH340GUSB serial port chip, can easily and stablely achieve computer and MegaPi's communication.
Support for Arduino IDE programming, with a complete library files, support for mBlock graphical programming software
Compatible Raspberry Pi, realize the mutual control of MegaPi and Raspberry Pi
Product Details
Technical specifications:
Main control chip: ATMEGA2560-16AU
Input voltage / current: DC 6-12V 10A
Working voltage: DC 5V
General I/O pins: 43
Serial port: 3
I2C port: 1
SPI port: 1
Analog input port: 15
Each I/O pin rated DC current: 20mA
Flash memory: 256KB
Static random access memory: 8KB
Electrically programmable read only memory: 4KB
Main frequency: 16MHz
Product size: 53mm * 86mm
MegaPi has rich colors, each color represents a different role and function:
Red pin - power or the motor output
Yellow pin - I/O
Blue pin - wireless communication interface
Black pin - power
Green connector - motor or power output
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