Abilix global education robot Krypton 5 programmable robot

Abilix global education robot Krypton 5 programmable robot




Product Description

Krypton educational robot from the world's leading education robot brand. Fusion of a number of science and technology, to enhance children's multiple intelligence, knowledge building ability and successful intelligence has an unparalleled effect. Games and learning combine to let children perceive the top science and technology direction of human beings and experience the most innovative technological revolution suitable for children over 3 years of age.
World Educational Robot Contest the world's only competition equipment suppliers,Support 7 kinds of national languages(Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Korean), powerful, easy to operate.Krypton robot itself with the mechanical, engineering and other technical knowledge, coupled with the construction and programming needs of the brain, it is the best theory + practice embodiment. As long as the child completes the construction process completely, I believe there will be some understanding and long-term training. The children will have an in-depth understanding of the mechanical, structural and other physical knowledge contained therein as well as instructional and procedural software knowledge.
Product Details
This kit contains more than 782 components and 57 kinds of them
- including 1 set of touch screen controller
- 1 set of lithium battery,
- 1 Compass
- 1 Gyroscope
- 1 Micphone(Accuracy rate >90%)
- 2 Speakers(Volume> 72db(@1m) , Stereo
- 1 set of LED
- WIFI connection (802.11b: DSSS; 802.11g: OFDM ;
802.11n(20MHz): OFDM;)
- 2 set of big closed-loopmotors (working voltage 6-9V, RPM 190-200, Running Nm0.15;Still Nm0.18,Resolution 1°, motor cable is provided)
- 1 set of small closed-loop motor (working voltage 6-9V,RPM 320-330, Running Nm0.08 ; Still Nm0.35, Resolution 1°, motor cable is provided)
- 1 Color sensor (Detectable7 colors:(black/white/gray/blue/green/ yellow/red) ;Detecting Distance: 0-10mm
-1 Ultrasonic sensor(Detecting Distance: 5-150cm, Detecting Angle: 20°, Error: ±1cm)
- 5 Grayscale sensors(Gray Value Range: 0-4000, Detecting Distance: 2-10cm)
- 1 Touch sensor (Button Distance: 4mm)
With this kit, students can realize 37 teaching activities, such asMotorcycle,Seal,Bigfoot No.1,Chomper,Balance Robot No.1.,Parrot,Bigfoot No.2,Mini-Swing.Pumping Unit,Garage Door,Rainbow Pinwheel,Catapult,Robo-Crab,Baby Robot,Seesaw,Mini Truck,Sailor,South China Sea Defender,Conveyor,Obstacle Avoidance Robot,Giant Stride,Ferris Wheel,Pirate Ship,Robo-Dog,Mechanical Arm,Humanoid Robot No.5,Dragonfly,Dynamic Cycling,Lucky Cat,Nod-baby,Reaper,Soul Warrior,Sleigh,Mars Explorer,Cycler,Little
Lizard,Weightlifteretc. and each one of which is accompanied with curriulum, a Building Manual, an example program and a activity field.
Abilix global education robot Krypton 5 programmable robot DIY toys for kids
Abilix global education robot Krypton 5 programmable robot DIY toys for kids


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