UART TTL Series STC Programmer with DTR Function CP2102 USB

UART TTL Series STC Programmer with DTR Function CP2102 USB




Product Description

Installing Driver Steps:
Win7 / Win8
- Click Link and Download the driver.
- Open the installation package and Click the " Next" step as following. Then will install well. ( Need remerber the path where you install )
- Find the driver from your device manager and then choose update the driver. Then search driver and choose the path you remember before.
- Waiting untill it update and install well.
Product Details
Item Name: Arduino CP2102 USB to TTL Programmer
Usage: Can change USB Port to RS232 by using this module
- Original CP2102 Chip, can change to CMOS Port after installing the driver
- With standard micro mini-usb port to connect PC
- With 3.3V and 5V output
- Recover fuse automatically. When having short circuit, it would recover and protect programmer and your PC USB Port.
- Built-in Indicator. Statu Indicator would light on while installing driver well. While working, the indicator will falshing.
- Support 300bps-1Mbps baud rate
- Support working system: Windows 8.1/ 7 / ista/ xp / 98; OS-X/OS-9, Linux
- Support Connection Format: 5/6/7/8 Data Bit ; 1/ 1.5/ 2 Stop Bit ; odd, even, mark, space and none property population
- With DTR Sign Port. Can use for Arduino pro mini ATMEGA328P main board directly
- Size: 16x20mm
Item Packing
1x Arduino CP2102 USB to TTL Programmer Modul
CP2102 USB to TTL UART Series STC Programmer with DTR Function


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