Xrotor Micro VT1 VTX 5.8G Videos

Xrotor Micro VT1 VTX 5.8G Videos




Product Description

Hobbywing XRotor Micro Video Transmitter 5.8G
Small Size & Exquisite Design
The STM32F405 MCU which features the powerful computing capability and super-high running frequency allows the FC to run the PID and gyro with higher frequency.
Voltage-regulating Filter, Adjustable Transmitting Power & Adjustable Voltage for Camera
The integrated voltage-regulating filter isolates the interference of the power system from the VTX to ensure the image stays clear and stable when the aircraft flies at high speed. The adjustable transmitting power (0mw/200mw/600mw) and stable output power guarantee long transmission distance.
For different applications, the supply voltage for the camera is adjustable between 5V and 12V.
48 Adjustable Frequencies & Race Bands Supported
The 6 frequency groups with 8 channels in each group form 48 frequencies; the frequency distribution is applicable to most receiving equipment. Among the frequency groups, group D and group F are frequency groups for competition; users can use the 8 frequencies in the same group at the same time without worrying about interference.
Stack-up Installation Supported
When pairing the VTX with the Hobbywing F4 flight controller and XRotor Micro 40A 4-in-1 ESC, the installation is highly integrated, simple and convenient, and makes the aircraft more applicable to the FPV Racing.
Product Details
Product name: XRotor Micro Video Transmitter 5.8G
Product number: 30505000
Input Voltage 7-25V
Current 70mA / 100mA / 250mW @ 12V
Output Voltage 5V/12V Adjustable (only for powering the webcam)
Transmitting Power 0/25mW/200mW Adjustable
Transmitting Frequency Range 5.3GHz-5.9GHz
Transmitting Frequencies 48 Frequencies Adjustable
Antenna Connector Type MMCX-to-SMA (a MMCX-to-SMA wire is included in the box) Size 36x36mm
Mounting Holes 30.5x30.5mm
Weight 5g
XRotor Micro Video Transmitter 5.8G


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