Fatshark Dominator Reciever 5.8GHz 32 Channels RX Module RaceBan

Fatshark Dominator Reciever 5.8GHz 32 Channels RX Module RaceBan




Product Description

★ Fatshark Reciever Module Internal 5.8GHz RaceBand for Dominato RC Vison Systems
★ This miniature receiver operates in the 5.8GHz band and has 32 channels receive the video stream / audio of an issuer other than ★ Fatshark 5.8 Ghz or ImmersionRC (SGV, Flysight, Boscam, TBS or any other issuer whose will you verified that the channels correspond!) in glasses Fatshark Dominator.
★The 5.8 GHz receiver is specially designed to receive video from RaceBand issuers.
★This miniature receiver, light and moderate consumption is supplied with an omnidirectional antenna 3 dB (SMA Male)
Product Details
Compatible with the glasses Fatshark Domnator; Dominator and Dominator V2 HD1
Number of video channels: 1
Number of audio channels: 1 (Stereo)
Uses the 5.8 Ghz band with frequency described in this document. Supply Power:5V
RSSI output voltage:0.4V~2.2V
Video Format:NTSC/PAL
Antenna connectors: SMA (no internal pin on the antenna) impedance 50 ohms.
Power supply: by Fatshark Dominator goggles directly
Weight: 20g (with omni antenna)
Dimensions: 40mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 10mm (H) - add length of 35mm by counting the antenna angled 90 °
Fatshark Dominator Reciever 5.8GHz 32 Channels


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