2-Axis brushless controller & Gimbal board + sensor board

2-Axis brushless controller & Gimbal board + sensor board




Product Description

2-Axis brushless controller & Gimbal board + sensor board Features: Gopro specialized brushless Gimbal concise structure, as well as specially designed brushless motor (motor changes around), Gimbal special damping ball, with Z15 level shock absorption system, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of "jelly", easy to adjust, in general, because of its special structure, as long as the body does not appear obvious vibration phenomenon, can guarantee the stability of Gimbal run, shoot video and no vibration. The brushless braket is one of the aerial business interests under the condition of choice for the best. Product Details: Gopro specialized brushless Gimbal installation and debugging good before shipment, all installed on the frame need to users according to frame their own conditions after adjust control panel software parameters (convenient installation of the meters installed fonts that we design, applicable to the vast majority of the frame)
Pulpit rock
Pulpit rock
http://code.google.com/p/brushless-gimbal/ AlexMos



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