3 k matte twill carbon fiber tube 25X23X1000mm 50pcs

3 k matte twill carbon fiber tube 25X23X1000mm 50pcs




Product Description

All carbon 3 k matte twill carbon fiber bar, has the very high intensity, and very light weight, is DIY many rotor frame preferred material, and the surface of the dumb light processing, have very good anti-skid characteristic, make the pipe clamp is easy to step up, is not easy to loose.
Product Details: 50 pcs
-Product name: 3 k matte twill carbon fiber tube and 25X23X1000mm
-Manufacturer Numbers: FT033
-Product material: 3 k full carbon
-Appearance characteristics: dumb light twill
-Carbon nanotubes specification: outer diameter and inner diameter and * length
-Carbon nanotubes length: 1000 mm
Free shipping by DHL /Fedex 50pcs/lot
The tube is about 1mm thickness, if you want other thickness and length, just let us know, we could do it for you. High quality 100% /pure/full Carbon Fiber ,No Fiberglass mixed inside (Fiberglass mixed is not rigid enough ,and much heavier & cheaper ) .Our aim is to offer our best products and fastest solution , save client's energy&money.


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