BGC encoder 3 motor GBM4108H-120T & AlexMos 32 BIT combo




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Encoders are special sensors that are added to each brushless motor of a Gimbal Stabilizer allowing the system to more accurately track motor position for increased stability which in turn also increases battery efficiency. The 3 axis stabilization gimbal system that relies on both active motor driven components and passive inertial stabilization. Passive stabilization relies on the principles of inertia (tendency of an object to resist change in its motion) and requires that the camera is well-balanced in the Pan, Tilt, and Roll Axes. Active stabilization refers to the techniques of using sensors to measure the camera’s Pan, Tilt, and Roll movements and counteract those movements using motors attached to the 3 axes.
- Easy to do gimbal tuning,no need to do much calibration work any more.
- Power saving, 5 times long working time than gimbal without encoder system.
- Twin IMUs.
- Faster response,motor torque increasing instantly,no bug for difficult rotating angle any more.
- Encoder chip A5048a
Package included:
- 3 x GBM2804H-120T Brushless Gimbal with AS5048A Encoder & Magnet
- 1 x Pre-flashed encoder firmware alexmos 32BIT BGC set
Connecting encoders to the regular SimpleBGC 32bit board
BGC encoder 3 motor GBM4108H-120T & AlexMos 32 BIT combo
BGC encoder 3 motor GBM4108H-120T & AlexMos 32 BIT combo


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