SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set

SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set




Product Description

SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set
The kit includes:
SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long main bord – 1 pc
Battery 20 cm wire – 1 pc
Ferrite coils 10-15 mm diameter, 3-5 mm thickness – 3 pcs
Encoder 10 cm wires – 3 pcs
IMU sensor board – 1 pc
IMU 50 cm wire – 1 pc
Header Pin Strip 9P Straight – 1pc
Header Pin Strip 9P Angled – 1pc
Encoder-enabled firmware
* Second I2C IMU is integrated in the board.
SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended Long controller is a modification of our popular version SimpleBGC 32-bit Extended. It provides the same set of capabilities in a different shape:
Built-in Frame IMU
Current sensor to measure battery power consumption
2x CAN ports to connect CAN-enabled periphery like CAN_Driver and CAN IMU
Dedicated 3x ports for encoder connection via SPI or PWM interface
2x I2C ports to connect 2nd IMU or encoders via I2C interface
Built-in sound beeper
Up to 6s LiPo battery is supported
Supports extra features in the firmware that are not available in «Regular» and «Tiny» versions (see «Versions comparision chart» in the «Appendix A» of the User Manual)
Compared to the previous «Extended» version, the new version has some advantages:
A dedicated UART2 port (previously it was shared with the SPI port for encoder connection).
The new «Joystick» port provides 3 analog inputs, +3.3V power supply and the mode button input
The «Mode» button can be used to enter bootloader mode for a firmware recovery (optional) Specifications
Size of the board 36×62 mm
Distance between the mounting holes 31 and 57 mm
Diameter of the mounting holes 3 mm
Power supply voltage 8-26 V (3s-6s LiPo)
Maximum motor current 1,5 A*
5V output current to power external devices up to 1 A
3V output current 150 mA
(GUI Windows, macOS, LinuxSimpleBGC_GUI_2_63b0.zip User Manual )
SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set
SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set
SimpleBGC 32bit Extended Long CAN-IMU Set


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