Multicopter Flight Controller KK V2.5 - (X mode firmware)




Product Description

multi-rotor flight controller X 1
THE FIRMWARE OF THIS VERSION IS FOR "X" TYPE QUADCOPTERS.(You can flash to other modes firmwares when needed)

-Support multicopter configurations from 2 to 6 rotors.
-firmware upgrader available as optional part, you can update the firmware to the version you prefer.
-Three adjustable potentiometers increase or decrease gyro gain for all three axis (Roll, Pitch and Yaw) and can be used to calibrate the ESCs and reverse the gyro directions if necessary during pre-flight setup.

Firmware Upgrader for Flight Controller KK V5.5

Product Details:
-Dimension: 50mm × 50mm X 1
-Weight:13g X 1
-Firmware Upgrader for Flight Controller KK V5.5

Firmware Upgrader for Flight Controller KK V5.5
multi-rotor flight controller
multi-rotor flight controller


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