SF970 Battery tray, carger & Battery for FPV monitor




Product Description

-SF970 Battery 5-10inch FPV Monitor
-Suit for Sony F series batteries. -This battery tray is designed to extend the application scope of your Sony batteries, so you can share the same battery for different electronic devices on field, such as powering the monitor with a Sony battery.
-When use it for FPV monitor, this item suits for 7-10 inch monitors
-Suit for Sony F series batteries.
-This is not a Sony genuine charger
Product Details
-Product name: deputy factory SONY F970 lithium battery/monitor the power supply for fu wei Howard 7.4 V / 6800 mah
-Manufacturer number: SONY97
-Net weight: 285 g
-Battery type: lithium-ion batteries
-Battery voltage: 7.4 V
-Battery capacity: 6800 mah
-SF970 Battery Tray/Adaptor for Sony Series Batteries Type B
-Charger for Sony F Series Lion batteries
-Input voltage: AC 110-220V
-Charging current: 8.4V/ 600mA


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