A123 2300mah Li-Ion Nano Phosphate Battery

A123 2300mah Li-Ion Nano Phosphate Battery




Product Description

The ANR26650M1A is A123Systems’ pioneering product, originally designed for a new class of power tools. Applicable to a wide variety of system designs and currently in mass production, the 26650 cell offers excellent price-performance.
Power: Over 3000 W/kg and 5800 W/L
Safety: Excellent abuse tolerance and environmentally friendly
Life: Excellent calendar life, 10X cycle life vs. conventional lithium ion

Our batteries use a new type of cell construction based on a dual plate tubular design optimized to deliver very high power with high efficiency. This new design does not use crimp seals and instead opts for a more advanced “all laser welded” construction optimized for very low humidity penetration over the life of the battery as well as stronger, thicker dual plate headers.
Product Details
-Single cell:
-Nominal voltage: 3.3V
-Nominal capacity: 2.3Ah
-Core cell weight: 70 grams
-Internal impedance: (1kHz AC) 8 mΩ typical
-Typical fast charge current: 10A to 3.6V CCCV
-70A continuous discharge (equal 30C )
-120A, 10 sec pulse discharge (equal 52C 10 sec)
-Cycle life at 10C discharge, 100% DOD: over 1,000 cycles
-Recommended Charge : 3A to 3.6V CCCV 45min


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