PBS TJ100 jet engine for unmanned vehicles light sport aircraft

PBS TJ100 jet engine for unmanned vehicles light sport aircraft




Product Description

PBS TJ100 jet engine was developed for unmanned vehicles, missiles, light sport aircraft and gliders with an additional engine.
Compact design
Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio, low power consumption
The built-in starter-generator allows a reliable start, power supply to the deck network and engine cooling when standing still
Modification according to customer's wishes (adjustment of hinges, the length of the outlet nozzle, possibility of landing on water) 24V battery start-up
Technical parameters SI units Imperial units
Max. thrust 1,300 N* 292 lbf
Outer diameter 272 mm 10.7 in
Length 625 mm 24.6 in
Weight 19.5 kg 43 lb
Eelctric power output 650 W
Specific fuel consumption at max. thrust ≤ 1.1376 lb/lbf/hr
Max. operating altitude 32,808 ft
Max. starting altitude 19,685 ft
Flight speed range 0 to 0.8 M
Speed range for startup 0 to 0.6 M
JET-A, JET-A1, JP4, JP8, TS-1, T2, RT
according to MIL-L-23699 (Mobil Jet oil II, AEROSHELL 560)


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