TAROT ZYX-OSD Video Superimposite FPV Overlay System for TL300C




Product Description

TAROT ZYX-OSD Video Superimposite FPV Overlay System for TL300C Features
- With ZYX-OSD, basic fight information, such as altitude and speed, can be superposed on the receiver. You can obtain actual fight status in real time to ensure a safe and delightful journey.
- Moreover, the data-recording function ensures all the fight data would be saved in MINI-SD card, which facilitates you to analyze information and serves as a black box in the critical moment.
- Also, please make sure MINI-SD has been formatted into FAT32.
- Two video outputs are available to be switched by R/C, and PAL or NTSC (video format) can berecognized automatically.
- Please note that: ZYX-OSD has to work with ZYX-M fight control system Product Details
- Input voltage/current:12 V (80mA) with no external power
- Output voltage/current: 12V(1.5A) & 5V(2.0A)
- Dimensions: 53mm*36 mm*10 mm
- Weigh:18g
- Video Format: PAL/NTSC (AUTO-identifcation)
- Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~60℃


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