7 inch Monitor Integrated With 5.8G Receiver, DVR Recorder

7 inch Monitor Integrated With 5.8G Receiver, DVR Recorder




Product Description

This monitor is based on the current development double perspective requires a 9 inches dual monitors, single channel can be independent display, also can be double road show at the same time, also can undertake two-way picture in picture shown. Cooperate with TX5502 dual transmitter, double Angle monitor the perfect realization of air
Product Details
House number: SKY - 901
Dimension: 9 inches
LED backlight form:
Maximum brightness: 450 CD/m2
Contrast: 500:1
But Angle: vertical parallel 120 degrees 140 degrees
7 to 13 v voltage input: recommend 3 s li-ion battery
Power consumption: < 8 w
Dimension: 230 * 155 * 25 mm
Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
Built-in receiver:
Operating frequency: 5.8 G
Frequency: 32 ch
Receive frequency table:
CH1: 5705MHz CH1: 5733MHz CH1: 5865MHz CH1:5740MHz
CH2: 5685MHz CH2: 5752MHz CH2: 5845MHz CH2: 5760MHz
CH3: 5665MHz CH3: 5771MHz CH3: 5825MHz CH3: 5780MHz
CH4: 5645MHz CH4: 5790MHz CH4: 5805MHz CH4: 5800MHz
CH5: 5885MHz CH5: 5809MHz CH5: 5785MHz CH5: 5820MHz
CH6: 5905MHz CH6: 5828MHz CH6: 5765MHz CH6: 5840MHz
CH7: 5925MHz CH7: 5847MHz CH7: 5745MHz CH7: 5860MHz
CH8: 5945MHz CH8: 5866MHz CH8:5725MHz CH8: 5860MHz


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