30A Large Current 3.7-28V Input Remote Control Switch

30A Large Current 3.7-28V Input Remote Control Switch




Product Description

Large current, high reliability, supports high voltage receivers, compact size, light weight.
18AWG silicon wires for power, super soft silicon wires for signal as well.
Application examples:
Switch for cars/ airplanes lights.
Switch for electronic devices like camera, A/V transmitter etc. (connect "positive" wire disconnecting the main power supply, using common GND wire) Gas/Nitro Engine ignition control, smog control etc.; You can connect electric heating wire to the device for ignition control.
Product Details
Input voltage: 3.7-28V
Input current: < 30A
Control signal type: PWM signal
Power supply wires: 18AWG silicon
Power wire total length: 20CM (approx)
Weight: 12g
Dimension: 30 x 16 x 4mm (excluding wires)
3.7-28V Input Remote Control Switch


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