DIGITAL CABLECAM System for Brushless Cinestar Gimbal

DIGITAL CABLECAM System for Brushless Cinestar Gimbal




Product Description

Cable Cam system for shooting while in motion. What we have developed auto brake stable cable cam system, we considered wishes of Cable Cam users around the world of similar cable cam systems. Our Cable Cam unites in itself the best, added with innovative development of the product. We have make the best product for the most experienced operators.
Brushless Gimbal not included.
Complete set of Rottor Digital CableCam Start
- Rottor CableCam dolley
- The Rottor CableCam System controller with the latest version of firmware
- 2.4 Radio system ( Graupner MX-12 or other RX&TX system)
Automatic restriction of range of the movement (excludes risks of collision with a tree)
The drive on the brushless motors (silent, smooth work and instant acceleration)
An unique arrangement of driving pulleys (the system doesn’t blocked a rope that provides a long resource of a cable and drives)
Compactness (in difference from competitors the Rottor Digital cablecam has very small size)
High speed of the movement (to 70 km/h)
Unprecedented loading capacity (30 kilograms)
And, above all, the system allows to shoot qualitative video without any post stabilization
Cable Cam system
Cable Cam system
Cable Cam brushless gimbal system


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