Aluminum Alloy Umbrella Folding Copter 25mm Folding Connector

  • By: Ron Joly
    Not very good.
    I was very unhappy with this folding arm kit. I bought 8 of these and after installing I immediately regretted my purchase.
    Firstly they would not secure tightly enough on the 25mm CF boom arms I bought here,I had to gorilla glue them on.
    Secondly there is so much play between the joints that it introduced an extreme amount of wobble, so extreme it makes flying impossible.
    I literally can move each boom arm up,down and sideways more then 6 inches, that's how much play is generated from these poorly conceived folding connector.

    They look good but were a complete waste of my money. Had I not used glue I would have returned these since the thickness of your boom arms varied. Some were too tight others were too loose for these connectors.