Openpilot Mini CC3D Revolution FC Oplink 433MHz Telem & GPS OSD

Openpilot Mini CC3D Revolution FC Oplink 433MHz Telem & GPS OSD




Product Description

Openpilot Mini CC3D Revolution Filight Controller + Oplink 433MHz Mini Air & Ground Station Telemetry Transmit System + Ublox NEO-M8N GPS for FPV Openpilot Mini CC3D Revolution Flight Controller
Openpilot CC3D Revolution Mini flight controller is the mini version of standard Revolution, which preserves all the functions and interfaces of the standard one. With high precision barometer, electronic comapss, this mini flight controller is the best choice for small quadcopter
Product Details
- STM32 F4 Microcontroller
- Invensense MPU-6000 Gyro/Accel
- MS5611 baro
- Main port
- Flexi Port (serial or I2C port)
- Rc input port
- Pwm output port
- Comes with Case
- Case:30mm x23mm x9mm.
- Weight: 6g (includes case)
Oplink mini Air
- Dimensions:34mm x19.5mm x10.5mm (included case)
- Frequency:433mhz
- Input Voltage: +5v
Oplink mini ground
- 100mw Standalone Radio Modem
- 3 IO Ports: Micro-B USB, Mainport & Flexiport
- Dimensions: 38mm x23mm x10mm (included case)
- Input Voltage: +5v
- Frequency:433mhz


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