Zero Tech E Epic octocopter RTF
  • Zero Tech E Epic octocopter RTF

Zero Tech E Epic octocopter RTF




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Express Shipping only By DHL/FedEx ships with case usually cost $100 shipping most major city world wide.
Diagonal Wheelbase1320mm
Frame Weight12kg
Max take off weight18Kg
Motor Type/KV7010/390KVESC
Drive PWM Frequency400Hz
Propeller size/material1885/Carbon Fibre
Gimbal Type Z6000
Camera supported RED EPIC | RED SCARLE
Lens supported Zeiss 16, Zeiss 24, each lens of Cannon and other customized lens Functions 360 degrees panoramic shooting; auto dodging landing gear; Multiple lens supported; Directly insert and get the SD card; Dual Operation and Single operation supported
Control requirements:
Tx Supported (FC)PCM or 2.4GHz,
7 channels at leas(Notice: all channel's F/S supported)
Receiver Supported(FC)S-Bus & Common receiverTx Supported
(Gimbal)PCM or 2.4GHz,7 channels at leas
Notice: all channel's F/S supported)Receiver Supported
(Gimbal)S-Bus & Common receiver
Flying Parameter:
Hovering Accuracy (in GPS mode)Vertical: ± 0.5m ,
Horizontal : ± 1.5mHovering time10min(18kg take off weight)
Safety controlManual deployment parachute;
Automatic deployment parachute in emergency;
Gemini dual redundancy autopilot; Fail/Safe
Zero Tech E-Epic
Zero Tech E-Epic
sUAS capable of supporting your requirements:

-- Well designed documented airframe that can carry your payload(s) and meet your mission profiles.  Including regulatory or any other special requirements for overhead flight of critical infrastructure. FILM, SERVAY, PAYLOAD see specs.

-- GCS with proper specs.  Do you need want joysticks? COMES WITH. Is a tablet interface good enough.? YES Does it need to be daylight readable and/or ruggedized? NO. Do you need any special flight planning or other flight related software or hardware?NO.  Comms requirements such as security and range? PARA SHOOT & GCS radio range 10k http://www.zerouav.com/en/support/Download_Center/

-- GSE (Ground Support Equipment).  Chargers.  How many required?  one decent charger , What kind of power requirements?  12V or 24v DC.  both are fine. Do you need separate chargers for the bench/shop or can you get away with AC-DC conversion? no Other GSE such as tools.

-- Spares.  Batteries.  Props.  Other consumables.  What's included? NO

-- Other logistics considerations.  How big are the batteries? 6S lipo  Can they ship air or do they need to go ground? you can carry battery in your carry on luggage under 10000mah only, in battery bag recommended, you can not ship battery in checked luggage , battery's are consumable suggest buying new ones at you over seas location or have the shipped there by suppler.  Battery will be sent back to country of origin because thy are dangerous goods cause fire.  Do you have a ready source if they have to ship ground? Battery's are non presbytery RC lipos .Does the system come with transport cases?  Can they ship air or are they too big? the craft has it's own case it is able to ship in checked log age 

- Factory Training.  Do they offer it as  standard? http://www.zerouav.com/en/support/Download_Center/. TRAINING MANUAL . How many Operators and/or Observers can you send?NO.
Yes if fleet porches is over 100 units 1 instructor 4 day coarse. 
CANADIAN sUAS Review and Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the Operation of an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System.
-CANADIAN sUAS regulation 
- COA applications with N number registration . we can help , or point you in the correct direction .https://www.faa.gov/uas/regulations_policies/media/Registration_letter.pdf

- Maintenance and Warranty.   12 months on non consumables .  You pay for shipping if something goes wrong.   not  overnight shipping both ways.

- Service agreements.  Can you add to the coverage?  E.g. Can you get a temp replacement while yours is being worked on?  Will they ship it to you overnight?YES.

And now you have an sUAS with support and well trained people that can collect all kinds of great data.  What do you do with the data? data analytics, image recodniton, image stitching, GIS, map creation .http://www.zerouav.com/en/support/Download_Center/

- Software included for post flight analytics/mapping/etc? YES Android IOS , based GCS .

- Hardware included?  You can use cloud based systems but Murphy says your first customer is in the booneys and you have little/no backhaul. YES full cellular , UHF, long rang microwave compatible .

- Training/support for any of this? full support ? YES. http://www.zerouav.com/en/support/Download_Center/

-  Are they local, or local enough?  SERVING MOST MAJOR CITY'S WORLD WIDE

- Are you locked-in to a proprietary system and if so, is that OK.  E.g. are there code audits required or other requirements to operate near critical infrastructure? NO.

- ITAR restrictions if you plan to operate other than in US? NO.

- What can your team handle and what might need to be outsourced? YES.

- Can it be insured and if so can you reduce your insurance rates by implementing specific programs/policies? YES.


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