VTOL fixed wing UAV Drone

VTOL fixed wing UAV Drone




Product Description

CW-10 is a VTOL fixed wing UAV , which adopts hybrid configuration of fixed wing and quadrotor. Based on this special air frame design, it can vertically takeoff and land without runway and launch system required. The industrial flight control and navigation system, which is specially designed for CW-10 series UAV, ensure the UAV can realize fully-autonomous flight, switch of flight mode and vertically takeoff and land,etc. No need for runway, takeoff and land airspace nor catapult let CW-10 can operate in complex terrain like mountains, hills and forest, and dense region of buildings,etc. These characteristics enlarge the application of CW-10 which is an ideal choice of industrial UAV. Please contact us for more deals EXPRESS SHIPPING ONLY BY DHL
VTOL fixed wing UAV Drone
Key Features:
Simple Configuration: Simple configuration design for easy to assembly in short time
VTOL: Vertical takeoff and landing for no runway and launch system required
RTK/PPK: RTK for high accuracy positioning
Full Auto: Full autonomous controlled by GCS , no RC needed
High Security Level: Perfect monitor ring and emergency management
Aerial inspection for the agriculture
Aerial inspection for the power line, pipeline, solar panel
Aerial photography and mapping GIS
Aerial surveillance for law enforcement department
Specification Wingspan 2.6m Duration 90min
Length 1.6m Max. Speed 108km/h
MTOW 12kg Cruise Speed 75km/h
Payload 1-2kg Wind Resistance 36km/h
RTK /PPK Yes Takeoff and Landing VTOL
2. 90min flight duration
3. electric powered
4. 12kg MTOW
5. 1-2kg payload capability
Packing List:
1. Airframe
2. Autopilot
3.Ground Control Station
4. Mission Planning Software
5.Tool Kits and Batteries accessories
VTOL fixed wing UAV Drone
VTOL fixed wing UAV Drone


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